inside valerie's purse
Camera Roll

As well as: Tampons (2), Colgate Wisp (4 pack), travel bottle of Biotrue, contact case, and hair ties (3).

"'- interest for the discarnate to give a strong answer.'

Which more or less covers all the bases. In case the answers are in fact coming from the Beyond, I've culled some highlights for you, from various mediums. We'll start with the good news:

Q. What do you do every day?
A. She's showing herself at the table eating.
Q. What type of 'body' do you have?
A. She says fat people are thin here. . . .
Q. How is the weather?
A. It's Florida without the humidity.

And now some less good news:

Q. Is there music?
A. Yes. She whips out a xylophone and goes, bum, bum, bum bum bum. And I also get the Carpenters.
Q. Are there angels?
A. Yeah. . . but they've got their own clique going. They've got their own little deal going on.
Q. Do you engage in sexual behavior?
A. I don't know if, like, she can and she chooses not to or what the deal is, but it's like, no, not really.

And a point of interest for aspiring writers. . .

He's showing me the writing. [Experimenter: He's writing a book?] I don't know. I mean, understanding the fact that there are no, you know, physical constraints, so what the hell, why not, you know? Get your story placed somewhere. I don't know where the hell it would be placed, but somewhere. . . ."